microsoft-azureWhat does Microsoft Azure offer to developers?

Microsoft Azure — gives developers the ability to implement any projects. Integrated tools, built-in templates and managed services simplify and accelerate the creation of enterprise, mobile, web applications and applications for the Internet of things, and also give you the ability to manage them through the use of existing skills and known technologies.

With the acquisition of Microsoft Azure, you receive:

  • The Availability of all services without exception. Including solutions from third-party developers to Marketplace
  • Ability to pay-per-use
  • Fixing of the value of all the services in Azure for 3 years
  • Documents required for national legislation
  • Access to the Billing portal to control costs
  • Work in a hybrid environment. It is not necessary to make a choice between cloud and on-premises solution — use the best
  • More than 500 services will help you reach Your goals, the number of which is constantly increasing

The benefits of Microsoft Azure for enterprise users:

Flexibility — You can take advantage of development tools, automated service management and global network of data centers to respond faster to customer needs, focus on strengthening competitive advantages and enter new markets.

Efficiency — Azure Platform improves operational efficiency by reducing capital investment. You can cut operating costs by 30-40% over 3 years. Payment based on actual consumption, packages, and discounts reduce the cost when implementing cloud services and provide predictable it costs.

Focus on the Essentials — You have the opportunity to concentrate on customer service instead of spending time and resources on infrastructure management. The Azure platform allows you to spend less time on current problems and to devote more attention to strengthening of competitive advantage.

Simplicity and reliability — Use existing development skills in familiar languages: .NET and PHP to create web applications and services, and manage in the cloud datacenters and in the local. You get enterprise class service backed by service-level agreements of service and experience providing web services.

Usage scenarios

  • Cloud computing

Virtual machines

Cloud service

Batch job



  • Backup, cloud storage


Azure Backup


  • Disaster recovery

Recovery sites

Operational Insights


  • Management access

Azure Active Directory

Multi-factor authentication


Services Components of Microsoft Azure Rights Management

Key Storage

  • Application Integration


Management API

BizTalk Services

Service bus

  • Application Development, Web

Visual Studio Team Services

The Azure Redis Cache

Mobile app

The Web application

The notification Hubs

  • Analytics

Visual Studio Team Services

Stream Analytics

Factory data

  • Multimedia

Multimedia Services

The network cache servers

Content Protection

  • Internet of things

Scenarios of the Internet of things (IoT)

Event Hubs

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