Server hardware and storage Systems

Server hardware and storage Systems and copy the data required to build a reliable it infrastructure in organizations of all sizes — from small businesses to large, geographically distributed holdings. On the market today grocery solutions provide flexibility and interchangeability, as well as the flexibility of the hardware platform, thanks to which every customer has the opportunity to receive server hardware and storage systems, effectively solves the problem.

Server hardware

Servers are hardware, operating mode 365/24/7 providing 99.999 % availability, designed to perform specialized maintenance tasks. On the use of specialized servers in two completely opposite directions — reducing resources and their capacity. The decrease aims to minimize size, power consumption and other characteristics of the server. The capacity assumes the full increase in capacity (e.g. computing power of processors, their number, install a new hard drive controllers, etc.). If to increase capacity it becomes impossible for technical reasons, set another server and transfer a part of functions of the old, and so until then while all new resources will not be used.

The main requirement for server hardware — it is constant, continuous work. Therefore, server hardware design given that it worked in the most extreme conditions. If a server failure occurs even at the scale of a small working group, the amount of loss can often greatly exceed the cost of the server. And if the server provides large enterprises, as well as a network of its branches, the losses can be catastrophic.

To ensure these requirements, designers are developing specifically adapted to perform the server tasks processors and multi-processor motherboards, racks for hard disks with possibility of hot replacement memory modules with enhanced technology error correction.

For the preservation and duplication of information use arrays of hard disks themselves are server motherboards and other components are installed in special housing. Network equipment placed in a specially constructed for this communication cabinets. For server hardware typically allocate a special room called the server room.

Small business servers can be located in the office. In companies of medium and large scale uses specially-equipped server room. When at the enterprise there is a need for continuity, manageability and scalability of its it infrastructure, used by data processing Centers (DPC) both own and lease.

KEITS company offers server solutions of all sizes — from small desktop to powerful multiprocessor systems.


Storage systems represent hardware-software solution that provides reliable data storage and providing access to them. The storage system consists of external disk arrays, tape drives and network devices, infrastructure, which includes a direct storage access, and software management tools. External disk arrays are designed for rapid access to stored data, high-capacity allows them to store large amounts of information. Tape drives carry out data backup, the record on them is kept for decades (more than an external disk array). Network-attached storage devices connect directly to the network and provide access to data at the file level.

The frequency of use stored data a storage system can be divided into short term storage (online storage), storage of medium duration (near-line storage) and system long-term storage (offline storage).

Data storage systems are of three types:

  • Direct Attached Storage

System connected to the server. Key benefits — low cost and high speed data exchange between storage system and server. Among the disadvantages: high load on your local network, low reliability (in case of any problem with the server data is not available), lack of handling.

  • Storage Area Network

The system is able to store an unlimited amount of information and focused on its fast transmission. Equipment of this type supports a full range of standardised communication protocols that ensures the compatibility of storage devices of different models and different manufacturers.

  • Network Attached Storage

A storage device connected directly to the LAN. The main difference of this system that it supports its own file system and works with information on the file level, which provides a number of additional possibilities: reducing the time of query processing, simultaneous data access of a large number of users.

A combination of joint application SAN + NAS it is possible to obtain a high degree of data integration, high-performance access and share files. Such systems are called unified storage is a unified storage system.

The functionality and configuration of storage are determined by the importance of the material which it holds.

Modern storage systems must meet the following requirements:

  • Reliability Provides full or partial redundancy of components: processors, power supply units (PSUs), access paths, the intermediate buffer (cache), etc. this sets a special program for monitoring possible manifestations of faults.
  • Availability of data To do this, regular backups are made, reserve hardware, using special software.
  • The availability of funds management and control Control via special software, the functionality of which affects the usability and comprehensiveness of control.
  • High performance Is determined by the hardware of the complex: frequency, type of drives, amount of RAM and Cache.
  • Scaling and unification The system should have the ability to build and upgrade.
  • Protection of data.



During the implementation of projects related to products in the «Server hardware», the company KEITS provides a number of additional services, ranging from initial survey and advice on choice of solutions, equipment supply and installation and ending with commissioning of the complex procedures for certification, training and subsequent maintenance.


Preliminary examination:

  • Independent audit of the current state of server equipment and related equipment in Your enterprise (cabinets, power supply system, conditioning system, etc.) for compliance with current and future challenges.
  • Advice on server hardware and storage.
  • Selection of the optimal configuration of server equipment, working and graphic stations depending on Your needs.
  • Design.

2. Supply

  • Low price guarantee: Having a partnership with most of leading manufacturers allows us to offer our customers the most favorable pricing terms at special rates and on special terms and conditions.
  • Shipping: The ordered equipment will be promptly staffed and delivered to the customer via the authorized transport companies.

3. Installation

Experts KEITS will carry out works on installation, connection and configuration of purchased server hardware. We also provide services to install, conduct pre-testing and ongoing training of customer personnel in the operation of new equipment and software. The work is carried out in the presence of the customer the necessary engineering infrastructure (structured cabling, electricity, air conditioning/cooling in server rooms).

4. Maintenance

KEITS company also offers services for maintenance of equipment purchased.


Computer equipment

System Integrator KEITS supply and service of computer equipment of world leaders of the PC market.

The company’s specialists will select the finish or assemble-to-order computers of any configurations that best suit the current and perspective tasks of an employee of any organization or individual. All equipment carries the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty and post-warranty computer repair services performed by certified professionals KEITS.

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