System integration

System integrator KEITS

We provide a full cycle of works on creation and monitoring of integrated solutions and it infrastructure of the enterprise. Complex solutions are implemented on the basis of sectoral, technological and business expertise and our deep understanding of the activities of companies-clients. Our experience allows us to carry out complex technical projects, to provide centralized management of project risks, to make the model solution as efficient as possible for the customer to improve its performance and significantly reduce cost of ownership.

For our clients we offer a wide list of equipment, which includes:

  • Servers
  • Storage and backup;
  • Workstations;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Thin and zero clients;
  • Network technologies and devices;
  • Converged systems uninterruptible power supply;
  • Components;
  • Software, service options and licenses.

And much more equipment and options to it.

System integration 

Normal development of a modern enterprise today is unthinkable without the availability of the information infrastructure. Typically, the it infrastructure is not created overnight, and it goes a long way of development consistent with the development of the business. As future needs arise, the company purchased (less — developed-to-order, or independently) a variety of information systems to ensure that separate aspects of the activity. Often it is completely independent systems from different vendors operating on different hardware and software platforms, poorly documented or undocumented altogether. Unfortunately, different information systems often work with the same data (e.g. financial information in varying degrees of work: accounting Department, planning Department, sales Department, logistics Department, personnel Department, etc. — but each uses its own system). Maintaining in a consistent state even in the two data sources is a difficult problem. The problem becomes especially serious when the number of such systems becomes more than three. The solution of this problem can lead to despair of any administrator and once it begins to interfere with normal operation of the enterprise. At this moment it’s time for system integration.

Skilled professionals

Our professionals are ready to discuss technical issues, and most importantly, will be able to clue you in modern models of server hardware. Do not forget that new products appear on the market each year and we need to not only imagine what «stuff» they use, but keep in mind the software packages and the compatibility of these devices. We will always be able to suggest what equipment would be best to use for your application, and assist you with the main points and differences of the various equipment and product lines.

Working with suppliers

After a successful evaluation the customer made us work for the consultation, we are obliged to offer our customers the best prices in the market. Pricing is always formed in such a way that the fewer «layers» between the equipment supplier and the end buyer, the better the price. Thus, we are able to offer the most relevant value of production server and network equipment as our supplies are direct. Working with official providers not only best in price and provides the customer with the original manufacturer’s warranty and a 100% quality tested by experts of the company.

The performance of the obligations of the customer Support

It doesn’t end at how to provide them with the opportunity to purchase. Any self-respecting system integrator must strictly adhere to their commitment to quality and terms of delivery of all ordered equipment. This is important, the final quality, which allows to fully satisfy the client. As a result, we are working in the field of system integration, quality advise you offer advantageous conditions of purchase, quickly and accurately ship product. All this should be considered despite the fact that we work with the best it brands and have many satisfied customers, and you may become one of them.


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